Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This Is The End...

As this Zits comic illustrates, the Internet is a vast and huge space. Since its conception, it has done nothing but grow. For most tangible things in the real world, there is an end, but is there truly an end to the Internet? Is there a limit?

If you search google for "the end of the internet" you'll recieve numerous hits of pages. People have actually gone out and made the last page of the internet. For the most part, these pages are pushing the idea that there is nothing more to see and that people should shut down their computer and go outside or read a book. It does put forth the question in my mind though, is there an end it it all?

Perhaps cyber space is 'hyperreal' in that there is no natural comparison. Or maybe that makes it more real in some ways. There are some examples of infinity availble with which to compare. Numbers for starters. The largest named number being a gogoolplex, but still the numbers continue upwards from there. There is a numeric for infinity.

Or perhaps cyperspace has more in common with 'space' than just the name. Space, many theorist surmise is and infinite arena. There is no end, no boundary, no limit. Could this mean then that the internet is limitless? Can it truly continue to grow infintecimally?

The answer to these questions and others are to my knowledge unknown. The answers will continue to be sought though. Just like outer space, people will continue to explore and study it. Cyberspace could then be the next "final frontier".

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