Saturday, August 27, 2005

Let's be a MAYOR!

The PC game SimCity became one of the most popular city building simulation game. SimCity 4 allows you to build the largest region of cities ever seen in a SimCity game, complete with separate agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential sections. You control every aspect of how your city operates from delivering electricity to residents to how traffic flow is managed, fighting crime and responding to crises. Sim City 4 Rush Hour has been released to expand the fun by focusing more emphasis on transportation, SimCity 4 Deluxe will be released in September 2005. It's a compilation pack that includes SimCity 4 and its expansion pack, SimCity 4 Rush Hour, together in one.

In SimCity 4, you have the hand of 'God' for shaping the landscape and summoning disasters at will. And you can be a big-city 'Mayor' for managing every last detail of your bustling metropolis. Also you can make your own 'Sims' to paly them in your city to get the inside scoop on what life's really like around town.

Simcity 4 is both entertaining and educational. You cannot help but learn some of the mechanics of politics, economics, geography and ecology. You can also see the cost of mass-transit system-possibly taxes will need to be raised or other aspects of the city will need to survive on less money in order to keep the transit system running. A variety of graphs, charts and maps aid you in your decisions.


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