Friday, August 19, 2005

Downloadable music vids

A friend put me on to this site a while ago and I thought it was worth sharing:

It's a site where you can download new music videos (mostly rap vids) through different methods; You can download the clips either through a torrent client (like Azureus), through an irc client (like Mirc), or by simply searching "kobra" on a peer-to-peer program like Kazaa or Limewire. I won't try and explain what torrents and irc are exactly cos I'd be here for a while, but the Kobra site has a FAQ and links explaining torrents and irc in more detail.

The clips are in the .mpeg format and using the right software you can burn them onto DVD or VCD to play on your TV (I use Toast 6 to burn CDs/DVDs). The quality of the clips are pretty good - not as good as watching them on C4 or Juice - but definitely good enough to watch them. The file sizes vary from 40 - 80 megabytes and you can fit roughly 80 clips on one DVD.


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