Friday, August 19, 2005


For all those fans of Lost who, like me, just can't wait for the next season and want to find out more is an excellent website. With an interface that resembles a real airline website, the more you click and push and experiment, especially with the so called "cursed" numbers, the further it leads you until you can finally reach a huge online forum that has literally thousands of entries and different people's theories on the show. Waving your cursor over certain texts will bring up diary-like entries and clicking on the seat plan will reveal small and somewhat confusing clips about each of the characters, generally confusing you even more, (well it confused me at any rate). The main problem with the site however is that unless you have broadband (I don't at home) it takes a very long time to load especially the season 2 trailer, which flicks through it at an excruciatingly slow pace, and you have to watch the trailer in order to get to the forums. However it is full of intriging details about the show and reveals several teasers
that will have you hanging out for 2006.


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