Sunday, August 14, 2005

everything what U need!

New Zealand’s the biggest online auction site, TradeMe!!

Motors, houses, looking for flat mates, clothes even animals are available to find from this website. Buying formula is same as auction, so offer better price person can get the item until the close time. Just looking goods doesn’t need to login the site, but to check your items if you have out for sale, you have to login and check your individual information; from there you can check other people’s comments about your items if they required. So you don’t have to look through the list one by one.

This site is good for looking the goods what you want. Just click the item and check the detail at home. This website is really save your time and labour because you don’t have to go the auction market. But the limitation of this website is that most of them are secondhand, even if there are some new items but not many.

Have you used this before? Yes, I have. Before I was looking for a kitten during the kitten season, there were lots of kittens waiting for loving houses. That time, I found the little tiny female kitten and offered as a free!! (Although I spend $100 for using taxiL) Anyway a smart way to use this website is, think about the season. Everything has their high demand season even the kittens. Using this season, you can have variety choices and may offered low price you don't even think about.


At 7:49 PM, Blogger Daniel Sadgrove said...

I think trademe is awesome if you want to buy something as the range is absolutely massive these days. However, if you want to sell something you're not going to get anywhere near what you want or expect unless it's a rare object, or a unique auction. I bought a washing machine today for $50 from a mechanic 0 which i thought was a deal (even though it's small). I just checked washing machines online to see if i could sell it when we get our regular one fixed and realised I should have just gone online and checked cos theirs millions of them on $1 reserves!



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