Monday, August 15, 2005

Tucker Max

Tucker Max's website may not be for everyone (and I say this in relation to the post about, which can be a little too much for me sometimes, too), but it really is the ultimate in weblogging. This guy's whole life, all of his escapades and embarrassing moments are up online for us to see. It's not quite a blog, it's more a series of funny and unbelievable stories.It's appealing not only to our desires to see and hear about disgusting things (see: "Tucker Tries Buttsex" - disgusting and hilarious), but also the root of the appeal for many of blogging: seeing other people's business and being anonymously famous. It's like reverse voyeurism.We also get to see the perilous side of the open online journal - the risk of prosecution for libel because you embarrassed someone else (The Miss Vermont Story). Tucker also has a real blog (as opposed to just a story), and a blog of his dealings with Hollywood (as he is "in the process of selling out"). This website is hilarious and offensive in a South Park/Vice magazine kind of way, so check it out. (If you don't know Vice, you should check out their site too, at


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