Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A thought on Cellphones

With all this talk about text message, or "txt msg” in text speech with new feature and devices, I think of a recent instant, where two members of my family had their cell phones not working for some reason. At the same time we were trying to organize a family event. And I realize how hard and difficult it is to organize and plan thing with people, without cellphones. I just make an observation that we have become so reliant on cellphone and the fact the most people have them. Which pose me with this question, with technology that is making it easier to organize and communicate, has it actually made us less organize in fact. We seem to relay on that fact that we can text or call someone. To talk to them or find out where they are. Say if you want someone to pick you up from uni, beforehand you may have to pre-plan the time and place to be pickup from. Now more what happens is that you just say that time, and then txt when the time come and tell them the time and place from where you want to be picked up. I can remember a time when not everyone had a cellphone, and if you had to plan to meet someone you have to actually be at home at talk them on the phone, and plan things in advents compare to now where you can just txt them when your out or just plan thing on the go.

Or does it like in Vicki's post where a technology device that is made to talk and communicate with other people, can be used if you didn't want to actually talk to someone, by just texting to them. My main point is does the devices that we use to keep us organize and communicate with other people, actually does the opposites.



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