Saturday, August 20, 2005

Online persona

I remember 'ages' ago when some people were criticized for being shy and insecure in reality but when they are on the Interent, they completely transformed into this confident and talkative perons. Well, i think these criticism are still there, even after all those year of internet popularity. But why do we think it is a problem? Is it because many of us still seems to think that what goes on online are to be unreal? I think it is a wrong way of looking at it. Because
really, even offline, our personalities change depending on the circumstances we are in. We act differently toward different people, so why should it be any different online?
For example, you think you are smart, articulated, and humourous. But if you are in a foreign country where people don't speak your language, it wouldn't matter how articulate you'll be. It'll be difficult to remain in your usual personality. So really, Internet is just another 'context different from the one we call reality'. Your change of personality online is only natural. If you are shy in reality, and outgoing online, then I don't think it is something to be criticzed, because Internet is just one of the many different circumstance, situation, etc. which we encounter that cause us to react differently. Just like "reality".


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