Monday, August 15, 2005

Sin City

I recently saw Sin City at movies after waiting patiently for it's cinema release and decided to write about it on the blog. It's an amazing film graphically, the stark contrast of the black and white. Although I've never read Miller's comics you can really get the feeling of them and the sense of the film been so close to it's source material. I imagine most people are aware that the film is almost entirely in black and white, with some colour. The effect of this is very striking, the black and white creates a high-contrast noir style film and the colour really brings focus to certain characters. Certain elements of the film really play on the comic book concept, the bursts of colour really add to this, as does the style of action and the excessive violence. The film was shot digitally in colour and then changed to black and white, filmed against green screen. It is an interesting film to look at new cinema techniques and special effects. There are a few behind the scenes shots at the official site which show the before and after editing shots.
I imagine in time more and more films will be shot digitally, although it is most beneficial to films which have a lot of CGI and other special effects.


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