Saturday, September 10, 2005

Adware and spyware targeting children websites

It seems that advertisers and promoters are once again target the vulnerability of children. But this time, it is not on television during the afternoon children programme slots. This time it is target on the internet. It seems now spyware and adware makers are now targeting children because children are easy to manipulate. If they see a pop-up ad which promote a free iPod offers, they will click on it with out cautious. And unforturnately, adware and spyware makers also noticed this growing trends. One of the biggest makers of adware software such as Claria was alleges by others that the firm "plays on the user confusion, carelessness, or naivete. Including distributing its software in way that disproportionately target children"
One ad for Claria, which was captured by Edelman on his website says, "Your computer clock maybe wrong. Would you like to keep it accurate?" If you agree to click and download this ad, which look like a Window dialog box, it will automatically download and install Claria's advertising software in to your computer. And all these ad/spyware traps are usually placed in popular children website, the most recently found site containing such wares was And now it seems with wireless, children usage of internet are even more mobile and harder to control by parents. This result in further vulnerability to ad/spywares. Forturnately, major group such as American Online and Microsoft offer special anti-spyware tools. And there's also the Safeguard Against Privacy Invasion Act or SPY Act making its wy through to Congress in the State. But most crusially, a reminder to parents to watch carefully what their children view online. Nonetheless, hopefully, with these preventions and many to come in the future, Internet can become a safer for children.


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