Monday, September 05, 2005

Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, wonderful blog! (To the tune of 'Spam') ;-)

I would like to give a New Zealander the kudos he deserves. He started with a programme called "Hard News" on 95bfm in 1991 and continued to broadcast on bfm for 11 years. He loves Technoculture and Politics and writes or used to write articles for magazines as diverse as Unlimited, PC World and Listener. Hard News has been available in several forms online but is available now as a blog on Public Address. He is of course Russell Brown, the mastermind behind Public Address.

He describes Public Address:

"We'd call it a community of weblogs. As blogs, they are more like columns than some blogs are. No one does more than one post a day, whereas the classic blog has one or two paragraph posts throughout the day from someone who obviously doesn't have a proper job. So, ours tend to be of greater length and more like conventional columns. But still with the links. They are really important."

I have signed up for the daily newsletter when new blogs are available but also use the RSS feed to keep abreast. By the way, I am in no way affiliated with Russell Brown or Public Adress.

Today when I read his blog I followed a link which got me to a website called "Crooks and Liars". I can't believe that I watched the clip available but somehow I clicked on the link of the Fox News broadcast which featured Geraldo Rivera and Shepard Smith. Usually these two gentlemen have a laxative effect on me but I really felt their anger, sadness and disappointment about the happenings in the Mississippi delta after hurricane Katrina. The Video clips are available here. Even the usually Fox News critical "left" has praised those two. Geraldo was crying and Shepard couldn't hold back several angry outbursts at the host Sean Hannity, when this guy (probably under pro-Bush Fox News directive) tried to defend the dire helpings and support from the Bush administration. Katrina, a regular contributor on TalkLeft even went as far as saying
" Geraldo, Shep Smith and CNN's Anderson Cooper are heroes. Tell their networks. We need unfiltered news. We need the truth. And they are telling it."

Which brings me to just a final thought for the day. Why am I allowed to use high-speed Internet only as long as I don't use too much? I caught myself not downloading video clips (like the ones from Crooks and Liars) just to save bandwith. I am already on 10gb but listening to online broadcasts or watching online video eats heavily into my allowance and I DO NOT want to surf on dial-up speed. Thats not surfing, thats getting out the ironing board in the bathtub. I checked Internet providers in the USA and I couldn't find anywhere figures of a data allowance. I hope I can see "All you can eat" Broadband plans soon without providers having to reduce download speeds.

Don't forget to vote!!


At 10:19 PM, Blogger Rebecca_emma said...

Russel Brown is so, so on to it. He seems to know everything about everything when everyone knows nothing.


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