Monday, September 05, 2005

instant msg

No doubt, Instant messaging in mobile phone is fast becoming a prominent way for communication. This made me thought of something the other day, nowaday in New Zealand, the message we recieve in our mobile are mostly assumed to be harmless by it receivers. Unlike email, we do not keep as much caution when we open it. There are not as much protection against virus or worms attack (please correct me if I'm wrong about this). And common user's knowledge (such as myself) about these attacks are limited, in both it frequency of occurence and the type of attack itself. So really, with all these recent chain mails, ad/promotional messages from both Telecom and and Vodafone, how do we know if they actually contain adware and spyware that could dyfunctionalise our mobile phone? However, with all the with all the SMS related blames so far, I think one of the most vulnerable growing aspects remains from the internet itself. With the many download of ringtones and wallpaper and so on, does our phone actually have the capability to protect itself? And if it does get effected, would we notice it? Another aspects I've been wondering about is, how exactly is our mobile phone safe from potential hackers? Throughout the last decade, security firms have strengthen the security of emails and possibily online hackers. But with the immediacy of IM on mobile (especially with people now can do their banking on the phone. It seems IM might become the new vulnerability to hackers.


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