Sunday, September 11, 2005

veges. vegys. vegies.

In response to Josephine's blog, dealing with the internet becoming an essential part of living.
I agree with you, so much. My internet at home is really
y really slow.
I also can't open any wordpad documents, or download anything, including simple files from the auckland university website
(which makes it totally awesome when i'm writing last minute essays, need to download a lecture or ten, and find it won't let me).
So I also spend a substantial time on the internet at uni. But I hate the lining up, wandering around aimlessly in vain hoping someone will hop off etc. The etiquite of the computer rooms always keeps me entertained, I gotta say. Those times where you see people leaning against the walls, waiting for someone in their selected computer row to evacuate the seat, and eventually someone does. But then, sometimes, someone casually walking past the recently open computer space notices, and jumps onto the chair, taking the computer before the poor leaning against wall student has a chance. That's happened to me before, a couple of times, and everytime I end up all "oooh, man I'm totally gonna give them a piece of my mind. Maybe. Maybe I'll just let it slide. Maybe they will realise they did wrong. Oh, no they wont and I'll just stand here pretending to be sweet with it". It happens to others on a regular basis, it is such a small thing but it really does agrivate me. Common courtesy is overlooked these days.
But I'm not internet dependant just for academic reasons. Email, tv listings, keeping up to date with news etc keeps me busy.
And then there are forums. Admitedly the only ones I go to are based on music, but I have this weird...addiction to them. I know I shouldn't, but it is just so strange. I find if I haven't visited them in 4 days or so, I start wondering what I am missing out on. Are there secret gigs happening that I don't know about? Has someone responded to my post, hailing me as some fantastic all knowing girl? Has someone else torn my argument or opinions down, making me look like an idiot? And then I experience this bizzare feeling of expectation and dare I say it, excitement at reading a whole load of new posts. It's like I wait, and let the posts build up until I know I can read them for long enough to down my lunch.
And then if I ever use these forums at uni, I constantly have this feeling that someone is watching what I am posting, under what name etc, and also proclaiming myself an absolute nerd. Or worse, some wandering person dying to do an assignment will see me using the internet for casual purposes and hate me forever.

And even though my computer at home is slow, and old (it's best childhood friend was this weird beast thing called t-rex. I wasn't born in time to know him)I still use it, everyday. For msn or sites with few animations. I know alot of people that have myspaces, or friendster profiles. I have neither, but those that do have proclaimed they end up spending most of their leisure time on their myspaces/friendsters. I know that with these kind of things I would also become addicted, so I've ignored them.

I am addicted to the internet. I am addicted to pizza. And with the hells pizza website, you can get it delivered to your door.
This is not looking good for my arteries.


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