Friday, September 23, 2005

DVD vs Video

On my last visit to the video store, a sad fact dawned on me I may be the only person in New Zealand who does not own a DVD player! I have always been a big fan of arthouse, foreign and classic films eschewing Hollywood blockbusters I avoid the new release section. If I ever feel the need for a big budget blow out I head off to the cinema for popcorn and the big screen. However on my last visit a friend and I decided we wanted to see the film Hitch, only to be disappointed when we found out we could only hire it on DVD. For our second,third and fourth choices of movie we discovered we could not hire either because agin, they were only on DVD. I understand that technology progresses it's not like I excpect to buy a cassette tape or record at a CD store, but still- there must be a few out there like me that haven't gotten around to purchasing a DVD player yet- how about a few copies of the latest new release on VHS? The assistant at the video store pointed out to me as I discussed the lack of video in the 'video store' that VHS is more reliabe, apparently far more DVDs play up than old school video cassettes.


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Andrew Cozens said...

I think there must have been a problem with the Hitch VHS tapes because ALL of our copies were damaged so we had to send them back, but yeah my boss only gets 1-3 vhs copies of the new releases compared to 12-16 or 20+ for the really big N/R dvd's..

And now it looks like DVD is going to be outdated :( and to think, all that time i have spent building up my dvd collection only to start again on bluray/hd :D

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Spivey said...

I think with DVD players now getting below 80 dollars in many cases, the buy in costs are so cheap for such a massive gain in usability, quality, and dependability (DVDs will always be more debendable. Sad fact the difference between hard media and tape media) that few want to carry VHS in many cases (most DVD stores in major cities in the US dont even offer VHS) becuse of its higher costs and lower profits. Luckly, DVD ISNT becoming outdated. Blu-Ray is going to be like the platnum collection. DVDs will still stay mainstream and the chances of Blu-Ray replacing it is very small. The Blu-Ray players will still play your old DVDs so all the rental companies will still offer them. So basiclly its time to buy that DVD player! (Although id personally hold out for the Blu-Ray since you never know, you might want the added quality)


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