Thursday, September 22, 2005


Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but im posting it anyway...
Roadcasting the latest variation on the podcasting format.

Currently owners of Ipods are able to buy an accessory that allows them to listen to music stored on their ipod on an unused FM frequency on their car radio. This in itself continuation of the trend towards the privisation of media and atomisation in western society.

However, researchers are developing software that would select music from other users of the technology according to their musical tastes, which would be broadcast by wireless technology, which could be seen as interaction of some sort.

The technology will seemingly create a dynamic digital version of a radio station that will find new songs and play them on the go, depending on here the user is, and what music is available to be downloaded from others. Another optential use is for users to broadcast their own "pirate" radio content.

This prospect cleary has record companies and radio stations very nervous, as their entire operations, costing many millions of dollars are being replaced by small portable digital devices, which can do what they do, but even better.

No doubt because of this fact, legal issues are already being raised over the technology which may of course be used to violate copyright laws, though this hasn't stopped technology before.

It seems that traditional sources of media will continue to be less relevant, especially where they refuse to adapt to changing technology and the change in culture that inevitably accompanies it. The standard response, especially from the record industry, is to stop unwanted behaviour through lawsuits, the fierce campaign against P2P networks and its users probably being the best example.

This will not benifit anyone in the long run however.
Old media must adapt or disapear.

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