Saturday, September 24, 2005

Great resource for budding screenwriters

Hey all,

if there are any budding screenwriters out there i've got a great resouce. It's a site called WORDPLAYER.

Terry Rossio, successful Hollywood writer, and his writing partner, run the site. The great thing about this particular page is that it does not simply work as a set of typical “how to” guides that seem like they wouldn’t be out of place in a textbook, but instead Rossio writes his articles (that deal with nearly all facets of the technique and trade) using an informal, stream-of-conscious-like, structure.

What’s great about the articles on the site is how varied they are, dealing with topics that other screenwriting resources don’t even cover (the off-screen story, writing a great opening, etc).

So, if you’re a enthusiast screenwriter this site should definitely be in your bookmark list.


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