Wednesday, September 28, 2005

just a comment on shan's post.

After reading Shan's post on inflight features and entertainment, I was interested to see that they showed the passengers on board the airbus (the fourth airbus to have wheel difficulties if I remember the news coverage correctly?) live footage of exactly what was happening. Something occured to me today that I had not given much thought to at the time, around two years ago I was on a flight watching "The Core" (terrible terrible film) when the screen flickered while the team attempting to save the earth were flying in their plane like contraption, drilling through to the core of the earth...and so the story goes. Anyway my brother and I figured out they must have crashed, as after the screen flicked a bit they were no longer moving, we later saw the movie at home on television and yes their travelling craft did in fact crash. We firgured out that the flight we were on purposly cut out the crash, I suppose to protect the passengers?Not to scare them into believing that maybe they to could crash? I am really not all that sure, however the point to my story is that its quite unbelievable that we can go from cutting out crash scenes in films to showing passengers all live footage of what was happening to themselves and their plane as they prepared to crash land. How times and technology use change...!


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