Saturday, September 10, 2005

More about Technology in the Classroom

Talking about technology in classroom, as hungryonfridaymorning and been talking about using different technologies in class by the teacher, but how about by students? I was just wondering this in class when I saw the wireless nod in class it the square gray box on the right side of room with the two Aerial pointing out, with the two flashing lights. Has any one here used the wireless internet actually in class? And then came to other question why would you have internet access in class, access to the intranet I would understand because you could access ceil or the libraries but why internet access. I know why you have outside of class. Because the number of computer terminals are limited and having a wireless network allows students to access the intranet as well the internet from any where on campus you want to work and numbers can be added easily depending on demand. All you need is a wireless card or function on your laptop.

But getting back to my main question, why would you have internet access in class, so what could check you e-mail in class or surf the net if you need it. It seems more of a form of distraction rather a then productive tool to be used in class. Because if you’re bored in class you could easily just bum off and just surf the net or do other things in class. Take example I was in psych lecture once and there was this guy with his laptop and was surfing the net for info on germen shlappee song you could even msn someone else on the other side of the room. If two people had their laptops in class I had even notice that they have power plugs under near the desk in our class so you can plug in your laptop to save that all need battery life for when you’re outside the class ;). I think the guy in class found the lecture on the functions on the inter ear bordering!! Ha ha. Like hungryonfridaymorning I believe technology in classrooms can be good and helpful for learning, but then some time I believe that sometimes too much technology in classrooms can be counterproductive and like Olivia say that technology can be distracting or not best for good study habits.



At 4:56 PM, Blogger olivia said...

yeah i had to agree with some of hungry's points, but i basically didnt get round to getting in depth as much as he did! but i totally agree with you, i always see people in lectures playing checkers and cards etc on their laptops, and would much prefer to stay with my pen and paper.


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