Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When Am I Going To Die?

When am I going to die? Isn't that a question we have all pondered and possibly wanted to know the answer to? Well, once again the internet contains the answer. Its almost a cure all in some ways. The answer can be found on This is a curious site which has some sort of mathmatical algorithm (or possibly a forseeing eye to the future) that can determine your time of death.

Through a few simple fields of questions it can give you your out look on life....well, your out look ti'll death anyway. By typing in my birth day and of course selecting the optimistic mode, I was able to determing that I will be dead on Wed, March 5, 2059. Not only that, but I only have 1,686,077,650 seconds left to live....of course, that number will be much smaller by now.

By changing a my status to a smoker and increasing my BMI to 35 and then chaning the forecast to pessimistic my death date has been moved forward to 2037. Is it possible that this site might be some what accurate? It is believeable that by computing the average life span coupled with some other variables, that it could in fact reveal a close date as to my demise.

The interesting thought here is whether or not people will put any stock into it. If a person believes that they know when they will die, think how differently they may live there life. Fortunatley for some, there is a link on your personal clock that ask if you want to increase your life span. It turns out its not a link to the fountain of youth web page, but directs you to the Health Clock. Here, in an interesting parellel, you can find information on sicknesses or ways to improve your health life style.

So while the internet may not yet have an extremely accurate crystal ball into the future, it does provide some interesting food for thought. I would like to point out that I typed in the information for a recently deceased family member of mine and discovered that his predicted death was only off by 78 days....hmmmm....I wonder?


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