Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Something about The Incredibles

This recent popular animated film does not just entertain audience by using the digital animation techniques. More important is that the film uses the digital technique to express the central idea of love especially the love in a family. I think that using animated film can persuade people to a more meaningful issue. Such like allegory, the animated film exaggerates the action of the characters and the fantastic storytelling brings the ideology of love to audience. The idea of love fully express through the Incredibles family. The members of the family use their personal unique super powers to save each others and destroy the baddy at the end. As a family, they collaborate tightly to against the enemy. The film reminds us to love each others because there is a lack of love in our world. The film uses digital technology as a tool to generate things that will not happen in our daily life. However these unreal characters simultaneously represent the common people like us although they have super powers. Within the film they want to be common but in reality, most of us want to be uncommon.

Anyway, this is a good animated film to watch and it is quite meaningful.


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