Sunday, September 11, 2005

still more on uni technology

A number of people have already spoken about technology at university and I agree that it has its pros and cons for our learning. For example, when I did Stats in my first semester at uni…a time when I didn’t know you could choose to do classes at times that suited your whole timetable…I picked the Stats stream at 8.00 every morning of the week and then had like a 3 hour break till my next class three times a week. As you can guess…it was extremely tempting for me to miss Stats and come to uni at midday. However, I would have missed heaps of work if I’d done this. BUT when I bought my course book I also got a CD that had the whole semester’s lectures recorded on it along with the slideshows for each lecture. It was great! Especially for people like me…with the well co-ordinated timetables;). So I didn’t go to most of my 8.00 lectures…but there was a downside…although I missed lectures because I told myself I’d listen to the CD instead that night, more often than not, I didn’t, and therefore ended up missing out on the lecture material anyway. So although the CD made Stats more convenient for me, it encouraged me not to attend lectures and to only end up missing out on a whole lot of stuff…I know this is completely my own fault as I just lacked the motivation to sit down and listen to the CD. The way I see it, technology gives students a lot more independence and freedom with their learning but it depends on the students to make sure they make the best use of this technology if they are to benefit from it.


At 12:14 AM, Blogger Mana-E said...

How did you do anyway in the class?? How much did your relines on technology affect you? So much that you fail the course compared to if you had just gone to class and you would have passed? Or did it just mean that you got a lower mark then you would have gotten if you didn't relies on the technology.

At 10:13 AM, Blogger shannon said...

i got a B. but because i didnt go to class, i actually didnt know about the mid semester test until the day of the test when i overheard someone talking about. obviously i didnt have much time to study then and didnt do too well on the test (i dont remember exactly what i got). also, during the study leave time just before the exam, i spent alot of time catching up on notes off the cd rather than studying. if i'd gone to class i wouldnt have needed to use my study time to catch up on notes. so although i wasnt overly disappointed with my B, i reckon i could have done alot better if i had been to lectures.


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