Sunday, September 11, 2005

Technology in Day to Day Llife

I really agree with what Vicki wrote in her Blogg about talking on the phone in privacy. I love the fact that when I am on the phone I can be doing whatever I want at the same time. I too hate talking to people I don’t know on the phone and if they could see me that would be even worse. This idea made me think how technology is not interested in increasing or keeping privacy. All the new gadgets being invented do not allow the private sphere to remain the private sphere. The introduction of the radio, then the television and then the internet has meant that the public sphere has been pushed into the home. Of course there are positive sides to this. You can watch world breaking news from the comfort of your own home. But the line between public and private has blurred and is this really a good thing overall?
I also find it amusing how technology has taken over a large chunk of people’s lives. I am guilty of this and I am sure many other people are, when you see your friends the next day the first point of conversation is about last nights episode of Shortland Street. I have heard people in the street talking about programs as if the people on them were their best friends. The same goes for tabloid news. People will discuss Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as if they know them and they have insider information on what actually went on. This again illustrates my point that what is happening out in the public world manages to infiltrate the majority of peoples day to day lives.


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