Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Alarm clocks

--> following on from “aye002’s” blog entry

I read aye002’s post yesterday about alarm clocks and cellphone alarms. It surprised me because I was actually going to post about something similar. I, too, have major problems trying to wake up in the morning, but am yet to experiment with different pitched noises! And I agree, having my favourite song would make me stay in bed.

My current wake-up system (which often fails) is as follows: I set my cellphone alarm for 6:30am. I press snooze so it goes of at 6:40am, and so on until 7am. I set my alarm clock for 7am as a backup. But even having both doesn’t always work. The noise of my alarm often becomes part of my dream, and I turn it off in my sleep! I think alarm clocks need to have more functions and become more technological. For example, on Sunday I woke up at 9am. But I had forgotten about daylight savings so it was actually 10am. A whole hour of my life gone! Anyway, later on in the day when turning my computer on, I was pleased to see that it remembered about daylight savings. If only alarm clocks knew this sort of thing.

This got me thinking about technology in the house in general. I realised that there are certain areas that are actually lacking in technology. I think my house may be lacking behind slightly in terms of household technology, but it’s good to see more ‘smart’ devices hitting the shops. However I think there should be more mainstream intelligent devices such as techno alarm clocks. It seems like some things just don’t change, like alarm clocks are still so old-school and analogue (well, mine is anyway). Technology is all about making our lives more simplistic (or more complicated? Depends how you look at it) so I would like to see small household devices improved to make our lives easier :)

-Shannon Doherty


At 10:27 AM, Blogger jane harwood said...

Is there such a thing as an alarm clock which changes tone each day?If not I think this would be a good idea, that way each day you would be woken up, suprised at the different tone of the day set in your alarm clock. If it had around 10 different tones/beeps/tunes then there may be a possibility that the tone wouldn't enter your dreams instead of waking you up because you would not expect it, if there is no way of telling which tone the alarm clock is going to wake you up with then maybe it will work!!But then again after a while you would get to know the tones and it would eventually stop working. But hey if it works at getting me up for a while I would definately get one!!


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