Monday, October 03, 2005

Impatience in the 'Instant Age'

Does anyone find that they are becoming increasingly impatient? Not just with slow technology, but it's also appearing in other aspects of your life too? I've noticed that I am becoming a very impatient person, and I would like to rightly place the blame for this on technology.

With broadband internet at home and uni, I can't stand it when a webpage takes more than a nanosecond to open. And I can't stand it when the computer momentarily freezes or takes a few seconds to carry out a task. I keep being told that I am too impatient, violently clicking in a mad frenzy to make the computer hurry up. I used a friend's internet at her house the other day and heaven forbid, she's stuck in the dark ages with dial-up. It took like 30 seconds to load a webpage. I almost screamed. But what is wrong with me? 30 seconds is no time at all in the scheme of things, and 5 years ago 30 seconds was damn quick! In fact there's a line from a movie I like, set in the 1970s but made in like 2001 and it talks about the fax machine, saying something like "it's able to transmit pages over the telephone. Can you believe it? And it only takes 18 minutes a page!" Oh, if only they knew.

Also I'm finding that it's not just the technology I'm impatient with, but other people. Because the technology is so quick, so instant, I get mad when people take a while to respond. For example, I text someone, and they text back after like 15 minutes. What is that about? Or on msn people don't respond for like 5 minutes. For like forever.

I don't know how I ever coped with dial-up internet, seriously I just can't picture it now. Or how I ever coped without a cellphone, having to wait until I got home to tell/ask someone something, when I want to do it NOW! Is there a cure?


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