Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Eye Toy Kinetic

I just found out about an interesting new product for the PS2, a new kind of EyeToy game - Kinetic. The concept is really interesting, and the website already has be fascinated.

Kinetic is like having your own personal trainer, infact you have two virtual trainers in the 'game' to guide you. It's an interesting concept for the use of the camera software which I'd previously seen as rather stupid games that were only midly entertaining, marketing an exercise program is an interesting concept and has me interested. Is this the future of the home workout? We've always seen dvds and vhs workouts which we can use in our homes but this is a step-up. An interactive workout.

Unfortunatly for me the website doesn't seem to want to work beyond the introduction of the virtual trainers so I haven't been able to get much of an idea about the game from that but the concept alone has me very interested, it seems Playstation - or at least London Studio who were also behind singstar - are pushing the boundries of the way we use our playstations, something which could be blamed for many inactive people now could be used as a piece of gym equipment in a sense. This seems to be a very innovative way of using the USB camera for playstation but how many people really want to watch themselves workout?


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