Tuesday, October 04, 2005


hi5 is a kind of world wide friends network that you and your friends can all belong to. A website that you can somewhat restrict to your friends or their aquantences viewing, where you post a bit of information on yourself and if you so choose, a photo as well. You can send your friends quirky little 'hi5s' such as, best friend, party animal, super cool etc. There is also a testimonial option that you can write for a friend, or you can write for yourself. What this means is that for people who are travelling overseas and have limited internet time, they can just jump on hi5 and write a testimonial on what they have been up to, without having to email everyone, instead it is all on one site that all your friends can access. Since leaving school I havent seen a lot of people for a long time, so after ignoring all these hi5 requests for a very long time I eventually signed up and found heaps of people Iknow on there, a lot of whom are still in auckland, but also those who have moved overseas such as Melbourne, Holland, Europe. I think its kind of cool that there is a network where everyone can belong to so you can see all of your friends, and all of your friends friends, and see how everyone is doing. Another little trick (for America and Canada only) is the ability to find old school friends through doing a school search within the website. Of course you can always just send a group email but hey why not use a website where you can be in far more contact with old friends, and put up online diaries and photos of your trip or anything that takes ya fancy? And it is all on one website and does not take ages to load like some email attachments do.I think its kind of fun!


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