Monday, October 03, 2005

Commenting on Shannons..

Carrying on from Shannon's blog about texting ill have to say I can relate to a lot of what she said. I think she’s absolutely right with our generation feeling like we need to be constantly in contact with people. I'm the same as her, i'm always checking my phone to see if anyone’s tried to contact me with the latest gossip, uni info, or just anything in general.
However, I feel that the older generation is now also becoming text dependant. When mobiles first started 'booming' my mum was pretty cynical, but now both parents text before they'd call. Even my 87yo grandfather has a ‘cellphone’ – admittedly its one of those old Motorola ones, and he hardly uses it, but still! Of course it’s a generalisation to presume everyone is like this, but I have to say from my experience, most people I know love to use their mobiles.
Jane Harwood made an interesting point about the University texting us our announcements instead of emailing. I think that’s a brilliant idea, particularly if it’s an important announcement like canceling a lecture. Jen M also mentioned that students could use PDA’s – in fact this is being trialed in one of my other classes. A friend is meant to be using his PDA throughout the semester to see if it will help him, but he has since given up on it and prefers the old pen and paper – personally I think it looks fun! Jen also mention students with GPRS on their phone can check their emails anyway. Like her, I have an ancient cellphone so couldn’t do this, however if it was going to cost to use my cell, being the poor student I am I think id rather use a computer! I haven’t seen many people using PDA’s in class, but I wonder if it would just be a further distraction like our phones?


At 10:17 AM, Blogger shannon said...

my grandad has a cell phone too!! its absolutely ancient..i think its an ericsson and it really is a brick. and funny is that when vodafone has their double value top ups and that he tops up his phone, even though he hardly ever uses it. in fact, his $20 top up lasts him a year! whereas when i was on vodafone it lasted me two weeks..and that was when i was stingy with my txts. so yeah youre right about older generations getting into txting and so on, i guess theyre just not as dependent on or even addicted to it as we are:)

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Vasya said...

All this technological magic would have been great if we did not have to pay so much for phone calls. NZ has one of the highest cell phone charge rates in the world. Sad really. that is why texting is so popular. Sigh


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