Sunday, October 09, 2005

All computers now 'personalized'

The new craze in the United States at the moment is the addition of Flash plugs to classrooms in secondary and tertiary educational institutions. The new chip-sized device can hold electronic resources such as books, notes, references, study guides, plays, individual files and documents and when you are finished with it you can just put it in your wallet and go. For example if you wanted to work on a document at uni and then decide that it's a Friday and you want to go home you can just save the work to your flash plug and then take it to your home and work on another computer but with the same data. In other words this is the next step towards total mobility of digital information. And there are no floppy disks or Cd-Roms involved. In other words its like taking a personal concentina file around with you with all your documents stored into the one place. This is another way of saying "Portable PCs". When you plug your device into the computer it prompts you to enter a username and password and virtually logon to that particular computer through your Flash plug. With a USB interface it can be used on virtually any computer and it will avoid that feeling we get when we need files off our home computers and realise we're at uni, in a net cafe or at someone else's house 50 kms from home. This beats even a laptop in that it's tiny, fully portable, and not heavy or "breakable" in the sense a laptop is. Here's the link to a rather interesting article on the new FLASH technology. By the way, it has a huge 256MB capcity, perfect for most users and sells for around US$100


At 7:04 PM, Blogger Spivey said...

This isnt just the US, its all over. We see them daily. Even your ipod is the same concept, these are just flash based. (You can get the iPod shuffle and it does the exact same thing). We are just lucky enough to see the price fall on them enough to the point where people are willing to buy them. I suggest looking into the Sony gigavaults. That will be the future as it blends the line of portability and space even more by storing far more than the thumb/stick/pen drives do. The main issue with these is hacking, since they can contain self running programs and the drives initiate themselves on computers the moment they are plugged in, hackers have found ways to create programs that run and install virusus and spyware onto computers they get plugged into. They then take them around internet cafes and such utilizing the loophole to steal passwords, bank accounts, and the like.


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