Sunday, October 09, 2005

txt games

i was having lunch with a some friends at uni on friday and one of them mentioned some txt game that 027 mobile owners could enter. although i have an 027 mobile i didnt really think about entering the competition/game thing and didnt think about it anymore until saturday morning when i was in the waiting room at the doctors idly staring at the tv. i saw an ad for some other txt game that you could enter (this one could be played by any mobile phone owner) where girls played against boys or boy characters and boys played against girls or girl characters. i txtd my friend to ask if this was the game she was talking about and then she told me about the Sink F69 game. it was free to enter and paly (i did enter, although i havent played yet) and you have to pick a codename and then send in guesses (numbers on your phone keypad) to locate the F69 and if you do you proceed to the next stage of the competition. it is a process of elimination until finally only one person is remaining. the winner gets to go to wellington to "push the button" that would sink the former F69 which will create an artificial marine reef that will enrich sea life in the area. It will also attract visitors from around the world keen to explore a diving attraction uniquely positioned so close to a major city and airport. i realise i havent explained this game extremely clearly and so heres the website so you can check it out for yourself if youre interested.
i just thought it was interesting that deciding on the person that should perform this task ( i realise its only pressing a button..but still, sinking a ship that has such significant implications for the seems like a big deal) would be done through a txt game. but txt games and so on seem to be becoming really popular...theres the whole voting for contestants on competitions (nz idol etc), the txt games i just mentioned and i've also seen a whole lot of ads for stuff like horoscopes and song titles that can be found out just by txting some number. its amazing how txting has branched out from just a means of communication.


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