Friday, October 21, 2005

The Facebook

After our class discussion of The Facebook, I started thinking of some of the implications of pop-culture/media-culture networking. The Facebook is interesting to look at because of its rapid widespread use. It is free to join and create a profile. It is easily navigatable and you can search for anyone in your University or anyone in the global realm of the facebook (this is particularly useful in the US where so many students attend universities away from their home - as well as there are so many universities). There are facebook groups with fun and catchy titles. The first thing American in New Zealand do is add each other to their facebook friends. What is particularly interesting is that the facebook is like a protected community. Your university email is necessary for becoming a member and in order to get a "facebook friend" you have to be approved by them after you find them.
Because of the transformation of society and economy to the organization of the global network, networking has become an imperative skill. I know it is something that all of my advisors stress. The Facebook is creating a platform for an extended network of people. There are people who I would never have talked to again (simply becuase we are in different places with different lives) who now I would go and stay with if I was in the area. That is a good college student parallel, just think about what it means when we enter the business world.

go to: and request that they add auckland university to the facebook!


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