Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Cell Phone Virus Alert

I missed almost a two weeks of blog and as i was updating my reading i noticed how much people are fixated on cell phones. Scanning back over the cell phone topics i noticed that nothing new has really been thrown into the mix except that post about integrating cell phones into the Uni e-mail system for students.Brilliant. As i was saying earlier on in the semester the humble cell is quickly turning into an uber device a la "Johnny Mnemonic" or for a more recent analogy a la "Minority Report." Anyhow, read on.Now that it is no longer just a phone, but more like a data stream receiver/sender, the cell phone is in danger of tapping/hacking/viruses.Yes! Does anyone remember that episode when Paris Hiloton's phonebook was lifted from her cell by some Californian Uber Geeks? Was all over “women’s day” and even “20/20” or “hard copy” did a feature on "Cell phone Privacy". I think it was even on TV3 news, some time near the Oscars.What i am leading up to is that apparently due to the growing complexity of the device, the cell phone can also now get viruses. if you thought your computer dieing for no good reason was annoying, think of your precious Motorola crapping itself heavily for no reason at all.
What impact could cell phone viruses have on our lives? Could these viruses be used for advertising, instead of annoying pop up spam, you will receive pop up TXT, could this be the future?

Cell phones with Bluetooth, MMS and data capabilities will probably be the most susceptible. Basically the same as a computer virus, it is an unwanted executable file that gets downloaded onto your phone via blue tooth or e-mail and then copies itself over and over and over again like a bunch of rabbits on Viagra until your phone is crippled.
Virualy the same thing, you get a piece of spam with a cool “free” ring tone, application or game, open it install it thinking its all gravy and then, WHAM! You are infected!Fortunately the article below explains why these viruses don’t spread that well.Here is a link that you can study on your on free time.


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