Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Scanner Darkly

From the director who brought you the innovative animated feature 'Waking Life' is a new movie called A Scanner Darkly which uses the same techonology from Waking Life - I think it is called rotoscoping but i am not 100% on that one, anyway the movie was filmed digitally and then animated over by graphic novel artists, I watched the trailer the other day and it looks pretty cool, haven't seen Waking Life yet so i am new to this style of animation.. it shows promise though! When i was watching the trailer it reminded me of Ghost In The Shell which was an anime feature that came out in 1995. I think even the title of the movie (which is based on the book by Phillip. K.Dick) is related, in that it alludes to the quote from Corinthians which is also referenced in Ghost In The Shell by Kusonagi when she states-

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now i know in part; but then shall i know even as i am known." Corinthians 13:12

Which i think is a statement on how the reality we experience now is only part of it and that the real truth is yet to be revealed, i mean how do we really know what reality is anyway? your dream state sometimes feels more real than your concious state.. and in an age of increasing technologisation of the body this reality is become clearer to us (or darker?) I guess you could argue both ways..

Anyway, the film looks promising so give it a watch when it comes out which i think is early 2006.


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