Thursday, October 06, 2005

Digital Art

A really cool image in the september 27th Herald caught my attention and i've been meaning to make a blog entry about it. Auckland artist Sarah Hughes won the Wallace Art Awards and as a result the $35,000 dollar reward !!Her winning peices is called 'Download' and is a really colourful, vibrant and fractionated surface of geometrics which have been created with digital technology. 'It is described as a colourful exploration of space on a two dimensional surface'.
I thought this really tied in with some of our readings and the idea of how modern art is always pulling the viewer back to the aknowledgement that the art is a medium and a construction, bringing the viewer out of complete immersion and making them question the idea of construction and creation. I also thought it cool that art of this kind are winning the big awards in New Zealand.
At the begining of the semester I entered this course and argued for the point that the digital age, the age of the computer generated image/sound/text made for a less organic and there for less natural expression of human creativity. What I have realised is that it is impossible for this to be true. All it represents is a ever increasing layering of representation and meaning, which is inevitable with the foward motion of life, always leaving a trail of history and meanings behind us, which always carry meaning for future creations etc.
so yeah - this art is no less art than the Mona Lisa. Its just different.


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