Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wireless Energy

To do a little follow up on the post earlier about batteries. I might have to disagree. Although caps are a wonderfull idea, they are often not considered a financlly viable option becuse of the high demands of current electronics such as color iPods, laptops, and ever more complex cellphones coming out. These devices are high use items with little time in sleep or suspend modes and often doing complex calculations for our desired effect. This causes a lot of drain on batteries as is, and even with large development in caps, it would not be nearly enough to sustain the technology that it would be added into. Really i gain this from having looked around after getting rather curious about this issue from reading the post. I have had a large intrest as well in the idea of wireless energy. Everyone has opened up thier ultra light weight super computer with mega wireless built in and thought man isnt this handy, then crawled under the chair of the person sitting to thier left to grab that hard to reach power strip and wind the cable all the way back to the computer becuse that battery cant make it through the four hour presentation. If only there was wireless energy or a better battery. Well from what i can find, there is both. They are both on the horizon. First some reading for you...

Nuclear battery will last 10 years.

New battery to last 12 years.


The Wireless Transmission of Electrical Power

Now the batterys i wont go into very much detail, all i can really say is that they working hard to develop smaller, slower draining batteries as we speak, and items like the nuclear battery could really change how some of devices function although i doubt we will EVER see that in a laptop, the second 12 year battery is a much more possible solution even if at the moment only working for health purposes.

The next item is splash power, this is really where things start to get intresting and we can see the future of where technology is going. This is true wireless power. Even though you cant buy the pads on the market yet, they are on thier way, last i heard sonicare toothbrushes were going to be using this technology. Now imagine, your school equips all the desks with a giant splash power strip, all you do is pickup the speical splash power battery from school and then go to class, put the laptop, cellphone, and ipod down on your desk and start taking notes, and meanwhile, all three devices are charging. No cords, no nothing, rather novel thought huh? Well its not very far off with technology like this. Well the next question becomes can i get power over distance so i can chat in the park and use my laptop for hours on end, and thats on its way although more than likely several years from even being in a prototype that could be commerically viable. These are all intresting technologies however that are worth keeping an eye on since they may very well change how we function as a society if we trully become wireless since it seems power is one of the last remaining wires we have left.

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