Monday, October 03, 2005

The time

Hi all,

I am quite exausted, espcially now that it is day light saving! I feel I haven't been sleeping long enough. In the last few days i've slept 3-5 hours. However my discussion is about alarm clocks. I have noticed that some cell phones have really and I mean really good alrms sounds to annoy the heck out of me, so annoying that I end up grumpy. My own alarm clock on my alcatel phone is useless, no matter if I have set the alarm to the highest volume it doesn't wake me up one bit, that I cannot understand. But when I use my friend's phone it would wake me up instantly, why is that? Is it to do with the high pitch sound incorporated? It is strange how someone knocking on the door can wake someone up so easily compared to an alarm clock. I vagegly remember on this year that people's favourite song can now be incorporated into alarm clocks so that people can wake up to thier favourite songs or favourite singers etc. But then I thought if they do that, then wouldn't people end up still sleeping, because thier favourite tune they are listening to would relax them even more they they will continue to have thier pleasant sleep? Just wondering does anyone know about this? And what is your view on alarm clocks or if you have any information about new clocks? my past alarm clocks didn't work for me, but after hearing higher pitched ones i wake up in an instant.


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