Friday, October 21, 2005

Xbox 360

I have just read that Xbox 360s worldwide release date is supposedly going to be December 2nd. This is several months before the release date of its main competitor in that console gaming market, Playstation 3. This good be a good marketing strategy for Microsoft as traditionally the earlier released "next generation" consoles have been able to greatly outsell those that are released later on and therefore take a longer amount of time to be embraced by people in the market place. However, Games that are on the consoles are often the most compelling reasons for people to buy a console over another and Playstation 2 had less processing power and worse graphics but was viewed by many to have far superior games to the Xbox and that fact that it was a more established console led to much greater sales worldwide and it will eb tough for Xbox 360 to outsell Playstation 3 as well.


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