Friday, October 21, 2005

Even though technologies are all around us, and everyone uses them, I never knew how much I need technology around me until one day I was left alone in my friends room. I needed full concentration with no disturbance. There was no T.V, no Radio's or stero and the internet had no connection just when I was in the middle of doing some research. Sure I wanted no distraction of t.v or people, or music etc but no internet that was just frustrating. When I needed a break from my essay say atleast for 10minutes there was really nothing else to do in there so I relied on the internet atleast, and little do I know somehting is wrong with the internet, first it was slow and took minutes after minutes, then around 1pm a few weeks ago was unable to establish any connection, it was strangely odd, because everyone else in that unit had access to the internet. There was nothing wrong with the wires or plugs. Anyway, without the most essential items that mark our daily routines I think most of us would become pretty bored. There really isn't much time to do other great activities especially near the exam time or essays to be handed in. But for little breaks listening to some music would help for some relaxation at the time of my breaks. From now on I intend to carry a little FM/AM radio around me. That way I can still keep up on the music, the news or events that are happening around say auckland or the world. A great cultural tool it is!


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