Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Grateful for Worldwide Communication

The other morning I woke up to a call from my dear friend who is currently over in Germany. He is in the U.S. army and calls for updates when he is not out in the field for training.
After already serving a few months in Iraq at the beginning of the year, they were recently told that their unit will be deported again soon. On this most recent call to me, he informed me that he will be headed out to Kuwait on the 8th of November. Following about three weeks time, they will be moving into Iraq with supplies and resources for the people and other soldiers.
Being abroad for the semester and having an incredible time meeting new people, forming relationships, traveling around, and experiencing all I can in a foreign land has been an amazing time. Yet, however peaceful New Zealand is, Ryan’s calls keep life’s perspective in check for me. Despite the news reports or various opinions of the turmoil within Iraq, there are still people putting their lives on the line every day in hopes of improving humanitarian conditions.
And it is the simple technology of the telephone that keeps my heart in check. These random phone calls while away from home prove as a reminder to keep in mind your loved ones.


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