Monday, October 10, 2005

immediacy hypermediacy immediacy hypermediacy.....

I was just working on the last bit of my essay on the 'immediacy' and 'hypermediacy', it is so confusing that made me spend so many days to understand the relation between them. Finally I figured out what it mean.. but I just missed out the blog time... Anyways, I found out that these two terms are paradoxical because immediacy creates this transparency, so the viewers do not see the media anymore. Like in films, they only see the event and the object, so they get this amazement. On the other hand, hypermediacy makes them realizing the exitant of the media, which if the film. Therefore thats when the views understand the reality. They are two composing logic, but these two logics also exist within each other. Like what Bolter and Grusin mentioned that 'amazement or wonder requires awareness of the medium. If the medium rally disappeared, as is the apparent goal of the logic of transparency, the viewer would not be amazed...'
This topic is so confusin, but I still find it quiet interesting to talk about.


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