Sunday, October 09, 2005

Online IQ tests

A girl at my work was talking about IQ tests and how she sat an online test. I was already aware that there are thousands of crazy quizzes, IQ and “personality” tests on the internet but its interesting to wonder how many of these online “IQ tests” produce accurate and legitimate results. I did my own Google search and discovered thousands of links, many which were pay sites. However I did find the following sites which you may find interesting or fun:

IQ Online – information on IQ levels and provides links to various online IQ tests.

Smart Cubes – this cute site contains loads of personality, IQ and aptitude tests. You can find tests that range from “Whats your dieting IQ?”, to “Right job?”, to “Are you a female magnet?” and “Are you hot or not?”, even “What’s your parenting style?”!! They also have more serious tests, such as the IQ and aptitude tests. You do have to sign up but it takes about 30 seconds.

They may be insightful, but definitely amusing timewasters


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