Tuesday, October 11, 2005

marC's path to infinite knowledge PLEASE READ

hello. since this a a digital media course its seems fitting that i present my idea here, in the meager hopes of starting a revolution and conquering the world.

upon reading jorge luis borges 'the library' (which everyone should read) i came to realize the path to infinite knowledge lies in the cyber realm, and i dont mean 42 for those of u who have seen hitchhikers. it involves a computer programme. a simple one, too. its basic statistics really.

firstly, set a character limit of say, 1000. k? you write a programme to come up with every single possible combination of 1000 characters using the entire alphabet including space. then, using algorithms or whatever the term is, filter out every word in the english dictionary with a space on either side. ideally, you could expand this filter to include grammar and syntax, and then- boom. seems like bullshit but is it? in those results, the freakin huge number of them, you would have the first 1000 characters of the bible, of moby dick, of being and nothingness, even of this blog. obviously most of the pain would come from designing these filters but really, think of the benefits. if you could expand it to 10000, a million characters, a zillion. even to the point of a few pages, that could be the treatment for the greatest novel ever written, the greatest speech ever given, that little piece of random insight to save someones life. does anybody else see the potential here? am i simply a wandering idiot? that is quite pssible. but hey. if it could never work, technically i mean, please let me know so i can start figuring ways around it.



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