Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Market

Yesterday I spent an hour writing a really good post, then when I clicked on publish it told me to log on and deleted my work! Tech-bloody-nology eh! (Now I write my blog in Word and just cut and paste)

Has anyone been watching The Market? TV2, Monday, 10.25pm?
The Market is a local drama set in Otara- Which I worked on. It is based around the dramas of a Moari and Polynesian family which work at the market. It is supposed to be a Romeo and Juliet done ‘south side’ style.

If you have make a comment! Or if you want just put a yes or no would be cool.

So how does this relate to technology and the media? Like most other ‘homegrown’ stuff it had a very small budget. To cut costs the Producer decided to shoot on miniDV. This is not exactly broadcast industry standard. Most would shoot on digibeta or DVC pro. You can get camcorders that use miniDV, although we were using professional high end HD miniDv camera.s. My point is it saved a lot of money for a start and I think the development of local programming is finally taking off with constantly cheaper methods of digital technology. Secondly since the cameras used were so light and versatile it meant that changing location was much quicker. I think that digital technology has had a great impact on the form of television. Where once it would have taken more time and thus less shots in one day, in the Market the camera man was able to experiment with what angles he could work. Back in post production the footage was put through high resolution digital filters to get a higher image quality to make up for the low cost format used to film on. It can be said that if it weren’t for the digital age this local drama with many talented actors would not be on the air.
Anyway it has managed to get some quite decent reviews and even a few comments that TV2 cheated us on our time-slot (which everyone thinks stinks). Here's one

"I can only presume The Market's level of salacious language has earned it the ridiculous time-slot. What a bunch of sissies they are at TVNZ. The Market, TV2, Monday, 10.25pm." from


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