Monday, October 10, 2005

Tron Guy

This is a website i came across and thought it was kind of relevant seeing as we've been discussing 'Tron' in class. is a self confessed computer geek called Jay Maynard's devotion to the characters in Tron and also General Levaughn Matsui Xinchub from Schlock Mercenary - something I admittedly know nothing about except that it is a web comic strip.
Anyway, im pretty sure he's for real, he goes to large lengths to make his own Tron costume -with even the 'electroluminescent wire'. The website also has Tron asthetics, using black and blue themes. There's a large number of videos and interviews that can be downloaded, and Jay's website goes into fine detail about how he made his costumes - including heaps of pictures. There are also links to his live journal which he writes in almost every day.
Definitely worth a look - he's pretty hard out, and its quite funny.
Although good on him for posting his pics!


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oh my god


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