Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Grumble grumble

This is mainly just to show my frustrations about some websites. Most sites now are advanced enough or just have smart people running them so that archives or online versions of shows or clips etc, can be accessed. And this is great when you can get them because they usually work great and enable much more information to to accessed and viewed, handy for assignments etc. However it's when they dont have these now that annoys me, and maybe its just because we've been spoiled by these other sites, but it's just irritating. For example, for an assignment I'm working on at the moment I have to watch clips of the presenters from C4, yet unless I sit with video tape and VCR ready to record these at the right moment, and wasting most likely a whole night, I can't access them. I realise copyright and those other things come into play here but if some people want an effective website then they really should keep up with the play. Gahh!


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