Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Response to Digital Photos....

In response to the posts about digital photography...Yeah it's a tough call about whether or not deleting the photos is a good or bad thing.

I think you're right about missing out on possible good photos because you think you look bad etc. I mean, digital photography is more posed because you have the opportunity to re-take each photo until you think it's good, but on the off chance that you do happen to get a spontaneous photo that may not look that fab but captures the moment nicely you'll just delete it anyway. That's the thing about digital photography, it just doesn't seem as real as film because you can take as many as you like, whereas with film you have to really use it sparingly, and if the photos get printed and you just look crap, well that's too bad but that's what it was really like! You don't get the chance to re-take until you look perfect (let's face it, life doesn't look perfect). But you could think about it this way - the media etc always airbrush all photos, mag covers etc, nobody EVER looks bad. Maybe ordinary people are appreciating the chance to take their best pictures, in an attempt to look like celebrities and other perfect media images.

I guess with the media and stuff today that always tells people that they need to look perfect etc, people just want to look good, and digital photography allows people the chance to do that. Also, digital photos are used for a lot more things now than they ever were for example it was rare for film photos to go on the internet, but digital photos often go online. So many people see them etc, so maybe people just worry about how they look. Have you ever had a bad film photo of yourself that people laugh at? I have, and I still get teased about it and I really just wish that it had never happened!


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