Monday, October 03, 2005

Death to the battery.

A friend of mine was telling me about how capacitors could replace batteries in the not to distant future, this is a prospect that I am looking forward to. Capacitors, traditionally, are small electronic devices for storing electric charge in electronic circuitry. Through a Google search I found various sites, like those listed below, which detail how capacitors can be taken from their conventional role of rapid voltage discharge to being controlled to an electronic 'trickle', which is exactly the same as what we get from modern batteries. What would be improved by the use of capacitors is the size of electronic technology, especially that which is mobile. Cellphones, MP3 players and other electronic devices would also be less restricted in form and they would be more reliable as there are no compounds or chemicals contained in them which will degrade over time. I am personally looking forward to not having to worry about having to replace my cellphone battery when it dies. Batteries are expensive and restrictive and the new one will eventually become more and more unreliable till it dies as well.

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