Monday, October 03, 2005

Response to portable PDF reader :

In Response to the post of portable PDF reader by Ben.
Actually you can actually do this now. On most PDA and I know all Palms you can transfer and read PDF files off your Palm, using Acrobat Reader for Palm OS. Your only limited by the amount of memory of the PDA. I have done so once on my Palm and it was ok. But I can only put on small size files because it’s old and I didn’t have a lot of memory on it. So I can't really put on any course reading on it because they too big. Only problem is that you view it on a small 8 cm screen and the text is small and reading it can get tiring after a while.

But you I see what you mean it would be cool to have a larger PDF file reader, the size about A4 that you could read clearly and easily. That could store a lot of files and books on them. So that you didn’t have to lug a whole lot of books around when your doing an essay. Just and little note pad thing. Like the ones you use to see on Star Track. Information pad I think they use to call them??



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