Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do you do it too?

Wow, its finally here! My last post for the semester (I actually went back and checked to see that I had nine done!!!). And I decided what better thing to talk about that something we are most familiar with, being university students. No, I'm not talking about staying up four nights in a row in order to complete many essays, nor do I mean passing out drunk... I actually mean procrastination, as well, I know way too many people who are as bad as me as we just wait till last minute to get our work done. To me procrastination has become such a large part of my life that I just seem to do it more and more, and in whatever I do.

When I am meant to be working on an essay, I usually end up surfing the internet or playing games on my computer, and the worst thing is I can't leave the computer as I need it! And I can't disconnect from the internet because we have such a large need for internet sources! As we've already discussed in lectures and tutorials as well as blogs, there is so much to do on the internet... in fact there is always so much to do! You can read the news, play online games, sent mails to your friends all around the world, msg and talk to people around the world, or just randomly read sites...

But what I've realised is that, today even when it comes to the internet, I've started to become so lazy! Let me explain this. It began with sending letters, and once the internet came in we stopped sending letters and starting using emails. After a while I think I got bored and sick of emailing and started sending out mass emails instead of individual ones. Sooner or later I started getting tonnes of mails piling up in my Inbox as I just found I had no time to respond to people; this was my new form of procrastination. After that I think I moved on to using MSN Messenger in order to keep in touch with the many important people in my life... after a while I found that I was constantly putting myself on away mode so that no one msged me... Is it just me or have other people been going through this too?

I finally moved on to opening a livejournal account and allowing all my friends to be able to see it. Instead of sending mails to people, I sit and write in my journal every two to three days and its kind of my way of keeping in touch with everyone. The sad part is that most of my friends can't get used to me writing in livejournal and therefore we don't keep in touch too often.

I just have to question it, why do we keep procrastinating? Are we just getting too used to technology and therefore expecting it to get easier and easier? Are we just lazy by nature? We are so fascinated with new technology until it gets older, and then its just normalised in our lives... first it's a gift and then it becomes more like a chore and an effort. It frustrates me to see this, especially with myself. I feel like I am becoming a lazier person, and sometimes I think of writing someone a letter, but then I try it and I just don't know how to structure a letter anymore; we now live in the age of texting and short cuts... I wonder when we'll get past that too.

I think I'd like to end this last one with a Calvin and Hobbes quote, " I'm learning real skills that I can apply throughout the rest of my life...Procrastinating and rationalizing". Maybe its not such a bad thing!!!


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