Friday, October 21, 2005

Intimacy with technology and internet.

Over the course of this paper i have found that my use of the internet has gone from, weekly to daily. I have become a internet junkie, surfing the net almost everyday, going through links upon links upon links. One can almost say that my internet use has turned into a somewhat excessive routine. This therefore raises a host of issues, most importantly the issue of 'intimacy with technology'. We as users of the internet have become more and more dependent on the the internet in that our daily routines are either run or influenced by the media. Through our daily dosage of emails to our viewing of current events, our daily routines are constantly becoming more mediated through the media and are exercised through the internet. Our intergration with technology has been defined by the internet. Particularly for myself, the internet provides a world of limitless opportunities where i can surf, search, research and find things that, in the library perse' would be a definite challenge to find. This website shows the amount of 'active internet' users around the world per month, whereby the technology capital of the world, China has 99.80 million internet users and New Zealand has 2.34 million internet users. While both statistics have a huge differential gap, the numbers alone are beyond measure and is an indication that the internet around all parts of the world has become a viable source in everyone's lives.


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