Sunday, October 09, 2005

Is it possible that I become an amateur reporter?

As a student of Film, Tv and Media Studies, I am dreaming of becoming a news
reporter although the threshold of becoming a reporter is rather high and
competition among this career is rather fierce. However, now, by means of camera mobile phones or mini-digital
cameras, I think I can become an amateur reporter. In July's London blast and
the last year's Iraq scandal of abusing prisoners, photos taken by camera
mobile phones or mini-digital cameras became the genuine hero. Many reporters
of media giant can not take those first-hand and hot photos, but plenty of
amateurs touched it! I was encouraged by those facts, so now wherever I go I
take a sophisticated Nokia camera mobile phone. I expect that I can take a real
exclusive news through that equipment. Just two weeks ago, I got it! A Green MP
marched with naked body in New Market because he failed in a bet with Rodney
Hide, the Act leader. At that time, I by coincidence passed by the location
where it happened. Therefore, I took a wonderful news photo with my phone
without any hesitation. Then a Christchurch Chinese media publish my photo. How
unbelievable it is! I become an amateur news reporter with a mobile phone.


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